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Can March Madness Affect Your HVAC System?

March Madness can mean a lot of things. Plenty of businesses offer March Madness specials, with “insane” price cuts. Some refer to March Madness as the frenzy that can influence people to embark on some intense Spring Cleaning. However, more than anything else, March Madness is the bracket fever that infects most of the country,



3 Tips For Creating a Maintenance Plan For Your A/C

Homeowners benefit most from signing up for maintenance plans for their air conditioner. Regular inspections can dramatically increase the life and efficiency of a home A/C unit. Many maintenance plans seemed geared just for them. But what if you're a renter? Are there things you can do to make sure that the air conditioner in



7 Dangers of DIY Electrical Repairs

Part of owning a home is learning how to make easy repairs and fixes to keep costs down. One place you shouldn't skimp is on your electrical. Not only is the electrical system critical for your daily use of appliances, lighting, heating, and cooling, but if not serviced properly, you could open your home to