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Nearly everything in today’s digital age depends on electricity, and when there’s no power, things spiral down fast. Extended power outages can mean much more than an inconvenience. They can spoil food, ruin medication, and even endanger life. As a top generators services company in Ruston, LA, Albritton Service Company is here to help.

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What’s a Standby Generator and How Do They Work?

A Kohler® standby generator is a power-producing machine that works as your own electrical power source. The generator is installed outside your property and wired into the electrical panel. Within seconds of a blackout, the generator automatically kicks on to power your electrical circuits. That means you can keep using your AC, heat, sump pump, fridge, oven, computer, security lights, and more.

Standby generators have an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that connects to the building and monitors the power supply. If there’s an outage or power drops below acceptable levels, the ATS signals the generator to start then transfers your power from the utility to the generator.

Once utility power is restored, the switch automatically transfers your power source from the generator to the utility, then the generator shuts down automatically.

Standby Generators

  • Permanently installed onto your property
  • Ideal as a backup source of power for your home or business
  • Start automatically during a power outage
  • No refueling needed – run on propane or natural gas
  • Power overall home utilities including lights, refrigerator, water heater, and select high-wattage appliances.

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Why Kohler® Generators?

Once you have a Kohler® generator installed on your property, you’ll never have to worry about the inconvenience of a blackout. Homes, businesses, and even governments trust Kohler® generators for:

  • Total reliability
  • High-quality power
  • They can automatically power all your appliances
  • Heavy-duty engines built to exceed the demands for standby power
  • A five-year, 2000-hour limited warranty

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