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Trustworthy breaker and fuse repair and installation services in Ruston.

Being forced to deal with a disruption to your home’s electrical system can be annoying and terribly inconvenient. Any broken breakers or fuses in your home can put a halt to all activity. Having access to an electrical company can help homeowners reach a speedy solution and bring home life back to normal.

The specialists at Albritton Service Company are able to serve all of the breaker repair, breaker replacement, fuse repair and fuse replacement needs of customers in the Ruston, LA area. We’re always ready to help get you back online whenever you need it most.

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How Do Breakers and Fuses Work?

Circuit breakers function by stopping the flow of electricity to an outlet if the current levels become too high. When an outlet has become overloaded with electricity, the breaker trips. This failsafe protects against damage to the wires and sparking a fire. Many modern homes have spring-loaded breakers installed that can be reset over and over again.

Fuses work similarly to breakers, but with one big difference. They can only be tripped once. A fuse is made up of a metal strip that melts when there’s too much electrical current. This disrupts the flow of electricity to your outlets. Fuses are often found in older homes.

Common Reasons to Call for Breaker Repair

Broken breakers can be caused by a variety of factors. It’s important to make sure your home’s wiring is up to snuff. Here are some common reasons for breakers to go bust:

  • Poor wiring, which can cause all sorts of problems
  • Aging or deteriorating circuits or wires
  • Hazards that cause burning and popping from the panel
  • Damage caused by external repair to the panel

If you’re aware of any of the issues above, it’s best you contact a specialist right away. Any of these problems could lead to further damage to your home.

Work With Us

Here at Albritton Service Co, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship and first-class customer service. Every job comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

On top of that, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If disaster strikes with your home’s electrical system, day or night, get in touch with us and we’ll deploy a technician to take care of the problem. We’re always prepared to help.

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