Ruston Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

Dependable air conditioning repair service in Ruston.

Mid-summer temperatures in Ruston, LA can at times reach outrageous heights. It can be excruciating trying to get through the day, much less function productively, without the help of air conditioning. It’s crucial to have access to a reliable AC repair company if your appliance breaks down suddenly.

The technicians at Albritton Service Company offer air conditioning repair service to homeowners in the Ruston, LA area. If you need help with a busted AC unit, day or night, we can conduct comprehensive solutions to help you and your family stay cool.

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Do You Need AC Repair Services?

The best time to call for air conditioning repair service is before your appliance stops functioning. If you’re able to recognize the signs of an AC in distress and in need of servicing, you can book an appointment before it’s too late. It’s common for an AC unit to offer clues it needs repairs. Here’s what you should be looking for:

Temperature Isn’t Right

If there’s a discrepancy between the temperature on your thermostat and the climate in your home, there’s obviously a problem with the system. This particular issue is commonly caused by a breakdown in communication between the device and your HVAC appliance.

Strange and Loud Sounds

Banging or friction noises are never a good sign. It could be due to physical damage done to the device itself or an indication the components inside aren’t working in sync.

Funky Odors

Any foul and unusual odors coming from the air conditioning appliance may indicate the presence of a leak inside the device or possibly the device is in need of a thorough cleaning.

Big Energy Bill

Has your energy bill skyrocketed recently? It could be due to an AC unit running at subpar efficiency. If your air conditioner is running longer and working harder to cool your home, it will increase utility costs.