Ruston Electrical Repairs

Dependable electrical repair services in Ruston.

Have any appliances or electric-powered items at home stopped working? Are any lights constantly flickering? Do any outlets feel warm to the touch? Got a problem with frequently blowing fuses? Either one of these could be a symptom of a faulty electrical system. This should be a major concern to homeowners since it indicates your building isn’t wired properly to meet your needs. It may be time you call an electric service company.

Luckily, the contractors at Albritton Service Company are able to perform electrical repairs to homes across the Ruston, LA area. We have the tools and experience to rise up to any challenge related to your household electricity. Let us help you step out of the dark and brighten up your home.

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Fixing an Outlet

If you notice you’re not getting power out of a particular outlet, the first thing you need to do is determine if the problem is isolated or widespread. Test all outlets to see which ones work and which ones do not. Make sure all connections and wires are secure; any loose connections could create excess heat and cause all sorts of damage. If the problem appears isolated then power must be shut off at the main breaker. Get in touch with a professional in order to proceed with diagnosing and fixing what’s wrong.

Do You Have GFCI Outlets?

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. These devices are used as a safety precaution, particularly in areas where electricity may come into contact with water, such as the kitchen or bathroom. These plugs protect the occupants of a home from electric shock. Many older buildings don’t have GFCI outlets. If your home’s wiring is over 20 years old, we strongly recommend conducting a retrofit to upgrade your outlets.

Wiring Repair

Homeowners who are planning any remodeling projects or simply wish to upgrade their wiring should consider how the new setup will affect the electrical system. This is a case in which you should call in the professionals to conduct rewiring to ensure you can safely go ahead with the renovation and that everything is up to code. Get in touch with us and we can lend a hand.

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Homeowners in the Ruston, LA area trust us to be their electric service company. We offer a full menu of electrical repairs at an affordable price. Give us a call at 318-251-0885 to set up an appointment today.