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Exceptional heating and AC services in Monroe.

If you live in the Monroe area and are experiencing problems with your heating or air conditioning systems, then you’re in luck! There’s a 24 hour AC company in your area. Albritton Service Co offers top-notch heating and cooling repair services, as well as expert electrical services near you!

What are you waiting for?! Get your HVAC and electrical systems in order today with Albritton Service Co!

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Is Your Heating System in Need of Furnace Repair?

You may experience several issues with your heating system that would indicate a need for repairs. Albritton Service Co has knowledgeable and skilled HVAC contractors available for 24 hour heating and AC service.

Give us a call today and ask about furnace repair if you notice any of the following problems:

  • Electrical issues indicated by a buzzing noise, breaker trips, and lights flickering when the furnace kicks on.
  • A foul smell like rotten eggs, which can indicate a highly dangerous gas leak.
  • Cold air is coming from your vents, rather than hot air.
  • Loud noises like scraping or banging, usually caused by a loose or damaged part.
  • Leaking, or pooled water around your furnace

When Is AC Replacement Necessary?

If you've made calls about AC repair to heating and AC companies all over town and paid for repair after repair, and continue to have problems with your AC unit, it may be time to say goodbye.

Most AC units last an average of 10 years, though proper AC maintenance can extend that lifespan, so if your unit is approaching or past that mark, that could be one reason you are experiencing so many problems. You may also look into AC replacement if your unit is inefficient, with a SEEr rating below 13, or uses R22 Freon, which is being phased out by the federal government in favor of the more energy efficient R410A refrigerant. You can call Albritton Service Co day or night with any questions regarding AC installation.

We Handle All of Your Electrical Needs

Is your home's wiring outdated or are you installing a new appliance which requires an electrical panel upgrade? Whatever your needs, our electricians have the expertise to safely carry out the work. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Outlet repair & upgrade
  • GFCI outlet conversion
  • Breaker panel repair & upgrade
  • Fuse repair & replacement
  • Generac home generator services
  • And more!

Get in touch with an HVAC contractor or electrician today! Visit our contact page to find out how.

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