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Don’t Be Shocked On April Fool’s Day


If you are expecting some tips on how to avoid being the victim of a killer April Fool’s Day prank, we’re afraid that we can’t help you. All we can say is that you can’t be too suspicious or cautious when it comes to sniffing out these plots.

However, what we can do is to help you avoid feeling like a fool for the other 29 days of the month. While you may not have to worry about practical jokes the rest of the month, there are still simple mistakes you can make that can leave you with a bruised ego, or worse.

The electrical panel is one of the primary parts of your electrical system and it looks plenty simple but there are a lot of components that you should be aware of with this crucial device.

Electrical Panels Should Be Handled By Pros

firesafetyWe’re all familiar with the electrical panels in our house. Plenty of scenes in TVs and movies send hapless homeowners into their garage or basement to flip breakers to try to restore power.

This can make the panels look simple and safe but this is actually an illusion. Especially if there is an issue, an electrical panel can be host to a bevy of possible dangers.

In fact, even a licensed electrician will take several steps to ensure a panel is safe and free of potential dangers. Avoiding these, unless necessary, is a very wise decision.

Fuses and Breakers Power Your Home

powershutdownThe thing we are all most familiar with is the breakers that help shut the power off to areas of our house.

While we mostly think of just flipping these off and on, they are actually a bit more complex. If you think of the old science experiment of using a potato as a battery, it becomes pretty easy to see that the electric power requires a current.

If any break occurs in this circuit, the power stops. Electrical breakers are devices that can quickly and easily break the circuit to shut off the power. They also have a safety feature to automatically cut off power in the event of something unsafe, like a power surge.

If you find your power out, don’t head out to just try and flip a breaker. It likely was flipped for a reason and you should call for an electrician.

Electrical Failures Can Lead To Other Danger

powersafetyYou may think the biggest issue with your electrical power may be losing that power but the worst case scenario is actually much worse.

In fact, outdated wiring and panels are prone to overheating and even catching fire, causing a lot more than just cosmetic damage.

April Fool’s Day is obviously a lighthearted holiday every year but there are things that we shouldn’t joke about or mess with and electrical is one of them. If you have any questions about your electrical system, please reach out to one of our experts at Albritton Services by calling (318) 251-0885.