Ruston AC Evaporator Coil Services

Reliable evaporator coil cleaning and replacement services in Ruston.

If the value of an air conditioner were determined by a single component, it would be the evaporator coil. This piece of equipment is what’s primarily responsible for the device’s cooling effect. An AC unit without a properly working evaporator coil would produce nothing but puffs of warm air throughout your home. Making sure it’s kept in working condition is critical to a functioning air conditioning system.

The contractors at Albritton Service Company can conduct evaporator coil installation and cleaning services to homes in the Ruston, LA area. We can help ensure you get nothing but blasts of cool air from your AC appliance at all times.

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What Are Evaporator Coils?

You can find evaporator coils inside an AC system’s air handler, which is a compartment that holds several critical components. Evaporator coils contain the refrigerant used to absorb heat from the air as it makes its way through the air conditioning system and allows cool air to be released.

It’s easy to identify a malfunctioning evaporator coil. If your air conditioning system pushes out lukewarm air at any time, it’s likely due to a malfunctioning evaporator coil. We’re able to lend a hand. Give us a call right away if you run into this problem. We’ll send a crew member to inspect your AC and either clean or replace the evaporator coil as necessary.

Maintaining Evaporator Coils

Just like any other home appliance component, evaporator coils are vulnerable to dust and grime buildup. It’s recommended evaporator coils be cleaned every year as part of your AC unit’s regular maintenance. This will help your air conditioning system run at peak efficiency for a long period of time.