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Proactive Service

You’ll get more mileage out of your comfort systems with our Proactive Service Agreement. We’ll inspect and service your systems twice yearly, just prior to the peak heating and cooling seasons, to make sure all parts are operating efficiently. We recognize that units operating at maximum efficiency and safety levels are what you expect.

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Services performed during a Peak Performance service are as followed:

Heating service performed in fall:

1. Clean and inspect burners

2. Clean and inspect heat exchanger

3. Check all gas connections for leaks and tightness

4. Clean return air chase

5. Clean and inspect blower wheel

6. Check and/or adjust all limits, safeties, sensors, etc.

7. Check blower bearings

8. Oil all furnace motor bearings

9. Check all flues for open and proper venting

10. Check all electrical connections for tightness

11. Check calibration and proper operation of thermostat

12. Check and inspect furnace for proper and efficient operation

13. Clean condenser coil*

14. Clean trash and debris out of condenser*

15. Check defrost cycle*

16. Check and adjust refrigerant pressure*

17. Check emergency heat cycle*

18. Check for refrigerant leaks*

*Heat pumps only


Air conditioning service performed in spring:

1. Clean condenser coil

2. Oil all motors

3. Clean debris out of condenser

4. Clean or replace filter

5. Clean return air chase

6. Check all motor bearings

7. Check and adjust refrigerant pressures

8. Check and clean drain lines

9. Check calibration and operation of thermostat

10. Check all electrical connections for tightness

11. Check for refrigerant leaks

12. Clean and inspect blower wheel