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Does Cold Air Make People Cough?

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The Link Between Cold Air and Coughing

Coughing is a normal reaction to breathing in cold air and does not necessarily indicate that a person is sick with a serious illness. Coughing is a part of life, especially as seasons change and air temperatures fluctuate.

While most people are careful of covering their mouths and using other methods to block out any particles, you could be doing some stuff with your home's AC. This article will discuss the link between cold, dry air and coughing, and what you can do to limit the risk of developing a dry cough.

What’s Causing Your Coughing?

coughingThe causes of coughing can be changed by many factors. Springtime is a season of variability. One day, the weather can be warm and sunny, but by evening, the sky is grey and the air is cold. Big changes in weather can impact breathing.

When cold air enters the lungs, the airways can constrict, creating a cough. This is especially true when breathing has already been affected by allergies caused by seasonal issues such as pollen.

Coughing can be exacerbated if you are prone to asthma, are a current or former smoker, or if you suffer from other respiratory irritations such as allergies. This is also prevalent when there is excess pollen in the air, which is a common issue during the spring season.

Your Home Temperature May Be to Blame

home temperature

The temperature in your home can change frequently during the springtime. Hot days may require the use of the air conditioner, but cold nights can mean turning on the heater.

The variability in home temperature can upset the breathing passages, causing a cough. Sleeping can bring a buildup of mucus that will need to be expelled upon awakening-- which can mean a big coughing fit in the morning.

A temperature of 68 degrees inside the house should be high enough to prevent the development of a cold air cough. Gusts of air blowing from the air conditioner are not conducive to the prevention of a cough, so be mindful of the location of vents and be sure to arrange the furniture accordingly.

Install a Humidifier to Help

humidifierDry air can create a cough, even if a person is not sick in any way. That’s why a humidifier is a great solution to this problem. Humidifiers take water droplets and add them to the air, creating a more breathable atmosphere.

Nowadays, humidifiers run silently in the background and can make breathing a more pleasant experience. After all, a dry cough can be uncomfortable and can prevent sleep. There are a few types of humidifiers.

Some humidifiers can be set up in a particular room and can add fine water droplets to the air. Other humidifiers are a part of the HVAC system in your home and can address dry air throughout all the rooms in your house.

This is preferable if you live in a dry climate or find that you tend to be negatively impacted by dry air. Coughing can be unpleasant, but there are steps to take to prevent coughing as you stay healthy and enjoy the spring season.

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