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Thank HVAC Technicians for the Work They Do.

Give Thanks for the Services that Heating and Cooling Companies Provide

HVAC contractors do more than keep the air conditioning and heating working. They help create a comfortable space for a household, a place comfortable for gathering family and friends. Since this is the season for such gatherings, this article will give a broad overview of how these professionals work and the common problems they solve, including the safety issues that can come from a heater or air conditioner that is not working. Proper heating and cooling can save lives. 

Heater Repair and Maintenancewinter

Heating is obviously about more than just comfort. Heat can be a matter of survival for people and their pets. Heaters, boilers, or furnaces are necessary to keep people healthy, comfortable, and sleeping well. It is more difficult to thrive in an uncomfortable or unhealthy environment. Thus, HVAC technicians help provide for a family’s health and well-being. Here are a few of the other issues associated with heaters that these professionals can fix:

  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks: This is a serious health threat to a household that HVAC technicians can help with. This problem is usually the result of a problem with the fuel line of a furnace or boiler. A dirty burner or pipe can also be the cause. Regular cleaning maintenance and checkups by a professional can catch this problem early.
  • Gas Leaks: This is a related but different problem than the CO leak mentioned above. This usually involves a connection problem with the fuel line or a puncture in the line itself. Again, this health and safety issue should be dealt with immediately.
  • Lack of Heat: Since this is such a broad symptom, many causes exist. It can be due to a lack of maintenance, such as dirty coils or heating elements. The blower may be malfunctioning and not getting the heat where it needs to go, or it could be an issue with the thermostat.
  • Strange Noises: Making weird noises covers various symptoms and causes. If something has come loose within the blower, it can be rattling around, but hissing and popping noises can be caused by issues with valves, coils, and compressors. All of these need professional attention.
  • Overheating Furnaces: This one can be a fire hazard. This can be due to a problem with the air filter or blower, among other things. 

Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance

Just as heat is important in the winter, AC is important during summer. Those same technicians that kept everything warm inside when it is cold outside work in the heat to keep homes cool. Here are just a few of the tasks that a technician might perform on an air conditioning maintenance visit:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning evaporator coils
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Clearing blower
  • Cleaning air ducts and vents
  • Checking coolant levels

This list doesn’t even mention all the things that can malfunction on an air conditioner or the stalwart nature needed to get emergency jobs done in the heat and humidity of summer.

IAQ: Keeping the Indoor Air Clean and Healthy

IAQ, or indoor air quality, measures the level of indoor air pollution in a home or other building. An HVAC system is about more than just temperature; it is about purifying the air. If someone in a household has chronic lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, or emphysema, they may need a little extra attention when it comes to filtering the air. An HVAC tech can assist a homeowner in ensuring the highest indoor air quality possible.

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