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Shock The World on Halloween With These Electrician Costumes

Shocking Electrical Costumes

For many people, October is the most fun time of the year. It’s filled with hayrides, pumpkin carvings, apple pickings, fall colors, and who could forget Halloween! With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to think outside the box when creating this year’s costume. To really knock people’s socks off, try one of these shocking electrician costumes.

The Go-To Shocked Electrician

A shocked electrician is THE go-to electrical costume. People can keep it simple with a button-up shirt, jeans, and a messy wig. But to really shock people, a bit more creativity is needed. Rub on some dark makeup and add burn marks to clothes. These details are sure to impress!

the classic

Shocking Fact: Ever felt a spark with someone else in the room? A spark of static electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts, and most people would agree that a spark between two people can feel just as powerful.

Baby Costume the Way Kids’ Love It

Getting kids dressed is a hassle especially if you're looking for a baby costume, and getting kids dressed in a Halloween costume can be even more challenging. So let kids be kids. Let them get messy! With dirt on their face, messy hair, and ripped clothes, they can look like a shocked electrician. There. Costume complete. Now...back to relaxing.


Shocking Fact: Kids LOVE asking questions. They might wonder why birds sitting on power lines don’t get electrocuted. If a bird sits on one power line, it is safe. However, if the bird touches another power line at the same time, it creates an electric circuit causing electrocution.

Light Bulb Costume for Big Ideas

It’s hard to have great ideas all the time. So when people do have big ideas, they want to share their “light bulb moment” with everyone around them. And when they have a great idea for a costume, they really get into it! So get creative, use glow in the dark material, and add props. Make the light bulb moment come to life!


Shocking Fact: Light bulb moments might occur in peoples’ minds, but humans have electricity flowing throughout their bodies. Small electrical pulses allow the heart to beat and pump blood throughout the body.

Simple T-Shirt Costume

For the ones who don’t like to dress up and just need a costume to get into the party, a graphic t-shirt will usually suffice. Sometimes simplicity is best, and a t-shirt with an electric outlet is a simple solution for anyone who dreads the costume creation process.


Shocking Fact: With the increasing number of electric vehicles being used, electric outlets and charging stations are increasing too. There are over 20,000 public charging stations and over 57,000 public charging outlets for plug-in vehicles!

Doggy Costume For The Win

No one should be excluded from Halloween festivities, including furry friends! Electrical costumes don’t have to be about an electrician but can be about other electrical products. A dog in a costume can be shocking in itself. But add a lightbulb to a pumpkin for a ghost dog costume and people will stop in their tracks!

dog costume

Shocking Fact: Only about 10% of energy in a lightbulb is used to create light. The other 90% creates heat!

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